Application Examples

Food and Beverage:

  • Fresh water treatment (i.e. Demineralization)
  • Borehole water/ dam water/ river water treatment (i.e. removal of Pesticides, organics and Inorganics)
  • Water recovery from waste water
  • BOD/COD removal from waste water.
  • Clarification of liquids (i.e. Fruit juices)
  • Separation/concentration of liquids
  • Recycling of CIP liquids
  • De-aeration of liquids (i.e. Removal of dissolved oxygen from water)
  • Carbonation of liquids

Dairy Industry

  • Concentration of (Skim) milk (i.e. For yoghurt and cheese production)
  • Treatment of cheese/whey (Recovery of proteins, lactose, minerals)
  • Standardizing of milk
  • Clarification of cheese brine
  • Concentration of butter fat
  • Water/waste water treatment
  • Purification of evaporator condensate

Cosmetic/Pharma Industry

  • Fresh water treatment (i.e. Demineralization)
  • Production of purified water, HPW and WFI.
  • Treatment of emulsions and suspensions
  • Clarification of fermenter broth
  • Purification and concentration of proteins, vitamins and enzymes.

Metal Industry

  • Cleaning of degreaser baths and rinsers (Oil.water separation)
  • Cleaning of pickling baths
  • Cleaning of galvanic baths
  • Removal of heavy metals from effluents
  • Acid filtration/recycling
  • Drilling and cutting oil removal from waste water

Sugar and Starch Industry

  • Clarification of glucose solutions
  • Treatment of evaporator condensates
  • Decolorizing of refinery streams
  • Molasses clarification
  • Recovery of proteins from CSL/wash water
  • Purification of raw cane sugar solutions
  • Waste water treatment

Paint Industry

  • Removal of paint pigments and dye stuff from effluent
  • Desalination of dye stuff and optic brighteners


  • Separation of suspensions and emulsions
  • Removal of COD/BOD load from effluent
  • Purification and concentration of plant extracts
  • De-aeration/aeration of water